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Self-acceptance is a long journey, and there are many ways to achieve your goals. Here we will dive into how self-love, self-confidence and conquering bad mental health days all lead to self-acceptance.

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Self-love is in your hands

Your 20s are when self-discovery really happens

You've finished high school and the only constant regime for 13 years of your life. You've been tossed into the world to find your way as an adult. You may have lost some friends, you may find yourself living out of home, or you may have entered into a full-time job. Your life has more than likely changed in so many ways since your teen years, and yes that can be very scary, but it is also a great opportunity to truly find yourself.

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A piece of advice that really changed my life is about self-confidence. Sometimes the best advice comes in the shortest form and this form is a quote.

“Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you're born to stand out?”

Now if you're a lover of a good rom-com, you may know where this is from. But the main thing to take away from this quote, is that you shouldn't be trying to be someone else, look like someone else, or be anything but yourself. Uniqueness is so underrated, so make sure that you stand out.

Be more like my cat Cleo, who isn't about the perfect angle and lighting for photos, in fact, if I had 100 photos of her, only 10 would be “acceptable” as a cute photo.

Hello, I'm glad you're here!

If I can help even one person on their journey to self-love, I will feel like my job to better the world one step at a time is right on track. My own personal journey has had many ups and downs, but the one thing that will always bring me joy and see the good in the world is when people love themselves in a pure way.

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Our mystical boy Orion, AKA love monkey, AKA butt boy (claws our bootys if we don't pay him attention)


Our un-lady-like River-song who has the fur of a wet cat – curly and crazy


Forever in my heart, little Rosie, who I miss dearly


AKA Slinky Bill because her fur is so silky


AKA Pickle as she gets herself into all kinds of situations she can't get out of, or in a pickle


Our curly black boy Artie is a definite sook