Love Yourself First: How Self-Love in Relationships Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Self-love is often seen as a selfish act, but in reality it is anything but. When you love yourself, you become stronger and more self-sufficient. This is a good thing for any relationship – it means you are not relying on your partner to make you happy. In fact, self-love can actually strengthen your relationship! Here we will discuss some of the ways that self-love can benefit your relationship. We will also offer some tips on how to promote self love in relationships.

Alone time

One of the most important things you can do for your relationship is to take time for yourself. This may sound counterintuitive, but it’s actually very important. When you take time away from your partner, it gives you a chance to miss them and appreciate them more. It also allows you to focus on your own happiness, which is important for self-love. The people in the most functional and happy relationships are the people who lead their own lives alongside their partner, rather than living the same life for two people.

What do i mean?

What I mean by living the same life for two is changing your entire life to accommodate another person, and no longer doing what you like because your partner doesn't want to do the hobby with you. You should be able to do your hobby even when you are in a relationship.

do it at your own pace

No matter how long you've been in a relationship for, you should work in some alone time. There is no set hours or amount of time you must have to yourself, some people may need more than others, personally I know I need certain times of day or after certain things to be by myself. It is important to listen to how long your partner needs to be alone, and for you to communicate the same to your partner.


Another way to promote self love in relationships is by communicating your needs to your partner. It’s important that they know what makes you happy and what doesn’t. This way, they can help support you in your journey of self-love. Communication in all forms is important for every relationships, but the communication I'm talking about here is positivity.

set boundaries

If you are someone who can't listen to others talk down about themselves, you need to tell you partner that you can't be around them when they talk like that. Or if you need your partner to give you compliments, then tell them that's what you need. Don't be worried that your partner won't understand, if you don't tell them what you want and need, they will never know that's what you are after.

What you deserve

One of the best things about self-love is that it helps you understand the level of love you want and deserve. When you love yourself, you realize that you deserve to be treated well. This can help prevent you from getting into unhealthy relationships. I strongly believe that every person on this Earth deserves to be loved, and I also believe that not everyone is capable to love other people. This is common when we look at personality traits such as narcissism, sociopathic tendencies, depersonalisation disorder.

How to help yourself

It is important that everyone has a small community around them that shows their love outwardly, which is where being in a relationship, more specifically a healthy relationship, can be very beneficial in your self love journey. But a big thing to remember here is that if you are expecting love from someone, you should be showing your love back to them, a relationship is not a one way street, and if you start to practice taking other peoples love without giving any back, your self love journey will take on a completely different look, and it will in fact become a selfish journey rather than a self love journey.

What I'm trying to say here is, don't be like that turd who broke your heart by not caring about your love and affections, be that sweet angel that captivates your heart through their love. This will in turn help your self love journey.

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The importance of being in tune with your own emotions and feelings cannot be overstated. When you're stressed, it can often come out as a negative thing that will affect the quality of life for those around us–including our relationships! If this happens without any intervention from yourself or others who love both parties involved , then unhappiness may set into motion an endless cycle where one party gets frustrated which creates tension leading to anger and fights.

how to avoid it

A way to avoid this is talking through your emotions when you feel them to your partner when it involves them, or telling a loved one when it is something else in your life. Another way to keep your emotions in check is being in turn with your feelings. Starting to feel a bit stressed? Acknowledge it and do something to lessen that stress. Feeling sad? acknowledge it and do what you need to do to get out of that funk once you've let yourself feel the emotion.


Setting boundaries in a relationship is actually really important. You need to make sure that just because you love someone doesn't mean that you suddenly change everything about yourself to be in a relationship with them. Even though it may appear at the start that that is how you will stay together, it really is the opposite. You'll end up feeling hopeless and small within yourself and may not appear recognizable to yourself and those you are closest with.

How to set boundaries

Setting boundaries is like take all the above points, alone time, communication, the level of love you want and talking through your emotions when things happen. Other boundaries are things such as intimacy, even though you are in a relationship doesn't mean you owe your partner your body; it is still your body, always. Telling your partner topics you prefer not to be on the table at certain times is another great way to set boundaries.

You are your best self

Remember that self love starts with you, love yourself unconditionally not matter what your relationship status is.

Authors Note

Thanks for reading! I hope these tips help you to build confidence and love yourself. If you have any other tips that have helped you, please share them in the comments below

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