Mental Health Trackers: What’s Their Importance For Good Mental Health

Mental health trackers are vital for keeping track of your mental health in an easy way. Keeping track of your mental health will allow you to see the trends of your good and bad days.

Mental health trackers are also a fun activity for kids when you can find colourful and engaging ones. Having children fill out a mental health tracker regularly will allow you to see how their mental health is fairing, making it a higher possibility for you to catch a bad day.

How do mental health trackers work?

Mental health trackers allow you to understand the ups and downs of your mental health. This further allows you to see where you need improvement. Once you find a pattern for your mental health, you will be able to find resources to help keep you on track.

Let's look at a few different trackers

There are so many different mental health trackers available and they all contain different elements. The following trackers are not medical advice but a helpful tool to help you improve and maintain good mental health.

Mental Health Planner

Let's have a look at some key elements of this planner: weekly behaviour tracker, symptoms tracker, sleep tracker, therapy notes, medication log, habit and mood trackers, panic diary, monthly calendar and so much more! This planner contains 21 pages including the cover/front page.

Please note that I am an affiliate of Planning addicts; the maker of this planner. I earn a small commission on any product purchased through the link above at NO extra cost to you.

Mental Health Workbook

Let's look at the key elements of this workbook; anxiety and depression checklist, mental health and mood trackers, affirmations, journaling, good mood bingo. This workbook contains 15 pages including the front page.

Please note that this is the workbook I have created for improving mental health.

The correlation between green and mental health

You may have noticed that both of these trackers are green, and although it is a happy coincidence, there is a reason behind it. Green is the colour for mental health, and more specifically green makes your mental state calmer.

What elements make mental health tracking different from a diary or journal?

Mental health trackers focus on your mental health as a whole rather than other aspects of your life. That isn't to say that journals can't have a mental health tracker in them, or that a mental health tracker cannot have a journaling aspect to it.

A good mental health tracker will have areas for you to understand what state your mental health is in and ways to improve it.

Another key element to look for in a mental health tracker is a way to look at the positive in your life. This will help you to improve your mental health, especially on a bad day.

Digital downloads are a good start

Due to their cheaper price than a physical product, digital downloads are an excellent way to find your way around a mental health tracker. A creator will provide decent photos showing you their product as well as a good description of what you are getting from their product.

Another benefit of digital downloads is the vast number of items you can view and buy, making sure that there is something for everyone's taste.

Authors Note

Thanks for reading! I hope these tips help you to build confidence and love yourself. If you have any other tips that have helped you, please share them in the comments below

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