Self-care basics




With 28 pages, this self-care workbook is the perfect thing to kick-start your self-care routine.

This product goes through a deep dive into self-care, where to start, how to try it, ways it can help you, and ways to help other people with self-care whilst doing self-care yourself. You also get a few pages to help you do some types of self-care.

Comprised of 28 pages, this product will help you jump-start your self-care routine as well as give you many ideas for the future.

Not sure of what self-care to start with? There is a three-page list of self-care tasks.

Do you forget to take time to do self-care? 2 lots of planner sections to keep you accountable


Upon purchasing, you will get three downloads. One is the full-colour version, and one an ink-friendly option that is black and white. The last item is a Canva link for the template for you to fill out everything on your computer, you can then print it out or keep it on your computer.

Please do not claim this product as your own, Amy has worked very hard to bring this product to you.


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